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Mineral Area Baptist Association


Bates Creek Camp

Mineral Area Bates Creek Camps 2022
Girls  June 6-9
Youth June 20-24
Boys  June 27-30

* we are asking that each church donate a couple cased of water for camp this year.
Dear Church Families and Pastors; as many of you already know we have had to fix our lagoon system at Bates Creek Camp it is holding water very well now, but D&R says we have to pump it below a certain level before camp. The work we had done is all paid for. The engineer is all paid, but we have to put in a pumping system underground below the freeze level and it needs sprayer heads that we can take off during the winter. The lowest bid we have so far is $65,000.00. The trash pump is about $4,000.00 for a total of $69,000.00. Mineral Area Baptist Association needs to raise about $35,000.00. We need the help of every church in our association. We just ask that you give what you can, if it?s a $1,000.00, $500.00 or $50.00. If we divide $35,000.00 by 48 churches we can make it happen! Bates Creek is one of our greatest ministries. The camp board is trying to create a capital fund so we won?t have to come to the churches every time we have a need, but this time it is the only way we have is to ask our churches again. We know all of our churches have budget issues as well. If you can give towards this please send it to the MABA office as soon as possible so we can complete the work before camp season. Thanks for the consideration. 
Your DOM,
 Paul Pope


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