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January 2014 
January 1: Lift up Ana Daily, Retired, Florida, thanking God for her service in the multi-ethnic community// 
Thank God for Clyde Elder, DOM, St. Joseph Association, as he leads pastors and churches to reach the lost. 
January 2: Thank God for Alice Barrett, Retired, East Asia, and her many years of service ministering to others 
in foreign lands//Remember Luke Windham, MK, 15, Sub-Saharan African Peoples, as he shares his life with 
new friends. 
January 3: Lesotho: Pray for protection, physically and spiritually, and that the team will stay strong in their 
commitment to Christ. 
January 4: Pray for MK Abigail Newborn, 10, Sub-Saharan African Peoples, as she studies with a lady who has 
come to minister to Abigail and her brother while her parents are working with volunteer groups//Thank God 
for Duane Cook, Retired, N. Carolina, and the years of service he gave sharing the love of Jesus. 
January 5: Pray that Eric Pease, Sub-Saharan African Peoples, will have opportunities to share Jesus with those 
who are seeking Him. 
January 6: Say a prayer of thanksgiving for MK Hannah M. Spannagel, 11, Sub-Saharan African Peoples//Pray 
for God’s blessings on the life of Bill Tritten, Retired, Kansas. 
January 7: Remember Virginia Beck, Retired, Alaska, and pray for good health and relaxation in retirement// 
Lesotho: Lift up JB and Liz Bundrick as they study the Sesotho language. 
January 8: Pray that Bob Johnson, Retired, Nevada, and Ruby Ashworth, Retired, Idaho, will enjoy a time of 
reflection and joy during their retirement//Ask God to bless Rosie Bedsole, Retired, Sub-Saharan African 
Peoples, with good health. 
January 9: Pray for wisdom and inspiration in the life and ministry of Jackie Miller, American Peoples//Lift up 
Frank Welch, DOM, Salt River Association, as he leads pastors to a closer walk with God. 
January 10: Ask God for protection and direction for the volunteer mission groups ministering in the Western 
Gateway Cluster with MBC Partnerships//Pray that God will continue to use Ann Fox, Retired, Southeast Asia, 
for His purposes. 
January 11: Ask that God will use Shannon Jensen, Sub-Saharan African Peoples in miraculous ways in the 
coming year as she shares Christ with those around her//Pray that Vickie Austin, Missouri, will have many 
opportunities to share God’s love with the students to whom she














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